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A RoboBID™ form is the smartest and most efficient investment you can make for your business! Get all your leads and bids in one easy-to-use, organized interface. It's like having a free assistant on the clock 24/7.

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How To Use

Features of the RoboBID System

  • Completely Customizable Bidding Parameters
  • 24 Hour Estimate Generator
  • 24 Hour Online Lead Collection
  • Automated Onsite Bid Generator
  • Quick Custom Proposal Generator
  • NEVER loose leads to SPAM or JUNK mail again!
  • Centralized Client List
  • Secure Information Storage
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Rapid Online Support
  • Easy Install
  • Cloud Based System
  • Professional Customizable Design
  • Export Client List to Major Mailing Clients
  • Easily Sortable Data
  • Analyze ROI With Our Marketing Tracker

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FREE $19.99/mo
Monthly Lead Allowance 20 UNLIMITED!
Easy Install
24 Hour Online Lead Collector
Rapid Online Support
Secure Information Storage
Centralized Client List
Mobile Friendly
Analyze ROI With Our Marketing Tracker
Export Client List to Major Mailing Clients

How RoboBID Saves You TIME and MONEY

Every business owner needs more TIME and MONEY.  R.O.S.S.(Rapid Online Sales System) is a unique and powerful tool designed to help improve sales and pay for itself.

Time Savings

The goal is to be as efficient as possible. With all your marketing and sales information being streamlined,centralized, and easy to analyze you will be free to spend time on other areas of your business.

Additional Sales

In most cases even if RoboBID helps you convert one additional sale that would have been lost, it will pay for itself.  RoboBID centralizes all your leads and puts them into a cloud system.  This makes sure you don't lose them in emails, junk, or spam.  Plus with the easy follow up and enhanced proposal system your customers will always know how to take the next step.

RoboBID Pays For Itself

Every business owner wants a better bottom line.  That is why RoboBID was designed to pay for itself. Through various methods you will see an improvement in your vary first month!

Fuel Savings

Fuel savings alone will pay for the RoboBID System.  Imagine not only yourself, but every employee in the field and even your website being able to give professional and more importantly accurate proposals.  This empowers you to get out accurate proposals with as much or as little customer interaction for ANYONE in your company as you wish.

Advertising Savings

The ROI Marketing Tracker allows you to quickly and easily see where leads are coming from and track closing rates.  This allows you to spend your marketing budget wiser. 

What a few of our customers have had to say.

"I own a tree service and having my crew use the cell phone app for bidding has saved me thousands on gas.  Any one of my guys can accurately punch in the information and get me all the info without me having to travel to each location.  I no longer have to travel to each location. I just send who is in the area.  I absolutely love it!"  --Chris P. Milwaukee, WI

"I was spending $400 per month with Yellow Pages.  I would constantly get leads but after using the ROI Tracking Tool I noticed they weren't closing which was wasting a lot of my effort on dead leads.  After seeing which advertising had the best closing rate I switched my budget around and noticed an instant spike in sales."  --Doug H.